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Secy. Pompeo to visit Iowa on Friday


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will be heading to Iowa on Friday. One America's Bobby Dupree has the details behind his trip.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is visiting Denmark to try to persuade Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen to stop work on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline passing through its waters. Denmark has just given the go-ahead for the work, but Pompeo hopes to get the Danes to change their minds. The US believes the pipeline will make Germany too dependent on Russian gas. Last week, Pompeo warned companies involved in the project they will be subject to US penalties if they didn't halt their work. So how is the German government reacting to this latest US diplomatic offensive against Nord Stream 2? DW's chief political editor Michaela K├╝fner spoke to German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told a gathering of Christian conservatives in Iowa the Trump administration is pursuing a foreign policy that's pro-life, pro-religious freedom and pro-national security. (July 17)
President Donald Trump will host his first rally in months next week in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and he has plans to visit four other states in the coming weeks as his campaign prepares to relaunch in-person rallies.
The decision to hold a rally in Tulsa, a city with a checkered racial history, on June 19, or Juneteenth -- the day that marks the end of slavery in the United States -- is especially striking as the nation undergoes a conversation about racism in the wake of George Floyd's killing at the hands of police officers.
Arizona has become a new hotspot for the coronavirus, and President Trump is set to visit Yuma to mark the construction of more than 200 miles of wall along the border. Trump is also slated to hold a rally in Phoenix. Jonathan Lemire discusses. Aired on 06/23/2020.

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