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Voice of America 19 Mar 2020

Security Forces Limit Traffic in Basra, Iraq, to Curb Coronavirus


Security forces limit traffic and gas stations are closed in the port city of Basra in southern Iraq, Thursday, March 19, in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

President Trump responded to a presentation by Bill Bryan from the Department of Homeland security on how to fight COVID-19 by suggesting that injecting the body with disinfectant could serve as treatment. In Bryan's presentation, he explained isopropyl alcohol can kill the virus in 30 seconds. Aired on 04/23/2020.
Coronavirus has the advertising industry scrambling to produce spots that offer reassurance and help. It means touting contactless delivery and thanking health care workers. The pandemic will change how marketing is done and what people see, experts say.

Public transportation employees in Germany are attempting to disinfect trains every time one hits its final stop, as the country continues to fight the spread of coronavirus through strict social distancing restrictions.
There are new signs of hope in Europe as countries begin to ease lockdowns: in Spain, a makeshift hospital was closed, and in Denmark children returned to school. Officials continue to urge caution as the continent's death toll surged past 100,000 fatalities.

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