Newsy 30 Jan 2020

Scientists work on coronavirus treatment


While the CDC says risk to Americans is still low, U.S. researchers and scientists are hard at work exploring possible treatments for coronavirus.

CNN's John Berman presses White House trade adviser Peter Navarro about his qualifications to weigh in on the use of anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for coronavirus.
Greffex Inc. President and CEO John Price discusses the ongoing race for a coronavirus vaccine. #FoxBusiness
As public health officials and the CDC are telling Americans that stricter measures are necessary to push back against the coronavirus, the WH and some GOP members are causing confusion and seemingly downplaying the severity. The panel discusses. Aired on 3/16/2020.
In recent days, doctors have had to clarify President Trump's claims that there are promising and FDA-approved drug treatments for covid-19.

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