Newsy 10 Oct 2020

Scientists Study How COVID-19 Mutates


Scientists measure changes to the virus as they work to develop an effective vaccine.

In this episode of Business Angola, Euronews discovers how Covid-19 is accelarating business digitalisation in Angola.
How will the COVID-19 pandemic play into the 2020 race? We talked to Philip Rucker of The Washington Post and NBC News Sr. Politics Editor Beth Fouhy about that. Aired on 9/01/2020.
France's strategy for curbing the spread of Covid-19 depends on people getting tested when they have virus symptoms or have been in contact with someone who received a positive test. Nurses and scientists are working overtime to collect and analyse the tests as fast as possible.
The United Nation's deputy secretary general told NBC News that Covid-19 could set back women's rights by decades because they are bearing so much of the burden during the pandemic. Dr. Uche Blackstock, an emergency medicine physician, explains her specific concerns about the impact of the coronavirus on women beyond the virus itself.

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