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Associated Press 22 May 2020

Schumer demands answers on V.A.'s use of drug


U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer is demanding answers from the Department of Veterans Affairs after officials say it administered a controversial COVID-19 remedy to more than 1,000 patients at its hospitals. (May 22)

US regulators are allowing emergency use of an experimental drug that appears to help some coronavirus patients recover faster. It is the first drug shown to help fight COVID-19. President Donald Trump announced the FDA action at the White House. (May 1)
Rachel Maddow reports on a nationwide study finding that hydroxychloroquine, the drug persistently promoted by Fox News and Donald Trump, not only did not show benefits compared to standard care but saw more deaths, as well as other experts emphasizing insufficient clinical data and a lack of scientific merit to support the drug's use, and admonishes the media for continuing to air Trump's misinformation about the deadly coronavirus. Aired on 4/22/2020.
President Donald Trump discussed the possible uses of heat, light and disinfectants to treat the coronavirus during Thursday's White House briefing. (April 24)
There's a slight increase in the number of commuters in both London and Paris - but a marked contrast between the use of protective masks in the two capitals. Use is mandatory in Paris and there is only limited takeup in London where wearing is merely advisory. …

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