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DW News 20 Sep 2020

Schools open in India as coronavirus cases top 5 million


Despite recording around 90,000 COVID cases daily for the past week, India has decided to re-open its schools, but only for senior students and on a voluntary basis. Schools can reopen next week starting Monday. The government has said COVID precautions need to be in place for schools to open. But many parents aren't convinced the measures will be enough to keep their children safe.
In Pakistan, students have already begun to return to schools. Senior schools are the first to open their doors as part of a staggered reopening of educational institutions across the country. The government has asked all establishments to ensure masks are worn and sanitizers are used. Schools were closed in March when a nationwide lockdown was enforced as part of a COVID-19 containment strategy.
Students are also being allowed back to schools in Hong Kong, though only partially. They can attend half-day classes, orientation or preparatory classes depending on their year of study. But one pupil in a primary school has already tested positive for COVID, so all have to take part in extra precautions, making life in class even more of a slog.

Now that coronavirus cases are falling in California, what will the guidelines be like to re-open businesses that are shut down? NewsNet's Danielle Radin reports.
There were nearly 3,000 daily coronavirus cases recorded in Britain on Monday and Tuesday, up from between 1,400 to 1,700 daily cases over the previous week. CBS News' Haley Ott reports from London.
17 states plus Puerto Rico have reported a disturbing increase in coronavirus cases over the past two weeks. Covid is also increasing overseas as parts of Europe tighten restrictions to fight the spread.
Around a quarter of the UK's population are living under tighter coronavirus restrictions.

New rules are being introduced in Cardiff, Leeds and Blackpool, banning households from mixing with other households. Many other areas are already facing tougher local controls.

England is seeing a rapid rise in coronavirus cases, with London now on the hotspot watchlist.

Clive Myrie presents BBC News at Ten reporting by medical editor Fergus Walsh, wales correspondent Hywel Griffith and Luxmy Gopal in Leeds.

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