Newsy 1 Aug 2020

Schools Are Open In One Georgia District. Masks Aren't Required


As a new school year begins, Jefferson, Georgia, is a city divided.

Despite recording around 90,000 COVID cases daily for the past week, India has decided to re-open its schools, but only for senior students and on a voluntary basis. Schools can reopen next week starting Monday. The government has said COVID precautions need to be in place for schools to open. But many parents aren't convinced the measures will be enough to keep their children safe.
In Pakistan, students have already begun to return to schools. Senior schools are the first to open their doors as part of a staggered reopening of educational institutions across the country. The government has asked all establishments to ensure masks are worn and sanitizers are used. Schools were closed in March when a nationwide lockdown was enforced as part of a COVID-19 containment strategy.
Students are also being allowed back to schools in Hong Kong, though only partially. They can attend half-day classes, orientation or preparatory classes depending on their year of study. But one pupil in a primary school has already tested positive for COVID, so all have to take part in extra precautions, making life in class even more of a slog.
After six months of coronavirus restrictions, shut schools are slowly opening again in Zimbabwe but not without controversy. Leading teachers' unions have called on their members to strike. They're angry that the government is refusing to raise salaries. The stand-off has left students worried about the impact on their exam results.
Most Russian students are back in classrooms for the first time since they were shut down due to COVID-19. Schools there are reopening despite the country having surpassed one million cases. 

Sifan Hassan of the Netherlands breaks the women's record for farthest distance run in one hour on a track: 11.76 miles. Brigid Kosgei, in her first track race, also went under the record but was DQed after video showed she took (at least) one step on inside of the rail.

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