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Santa Clarita First Responders Help Students at High School


A student opened fire Thursday on his 16th birthday, killing at least two high school classmates and injuring several others at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California, authorities said. The suspect, who is a junior according to Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies, pulled a weapon from his backpack and opened fire in a campus quad before classes started, authorities said. His actions were captured by security cameras. Media outlets identified the suspect as student Nathaniel Berhow.

▶️ New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern meets first responders of a deadly volcanic eruption at a fire station in Whakatane where she hugs them and thanks them for their service, Tuesday, December 10.
At least two people were trapped after a south Philadelphia row house collapsed from a three-alarm fire. More than 120 first responders and firefighters were on the scene.
The family of Chris Hixon, the coach who sacrificed his own life saving students during the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last year, was treated to a much-deserved reminder of the positive things in life. Hixon, a U.S. Navy veteran, ran towards the gunfire and is credited with saving lives by herding students out of harm's way. Now, his family's home is getting a makeover, thanks to the Lifetime show "Military Makeover," with Montel Williams and co-host Art Edmonds.
Seven years after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, the Newtown High School Nighthawks won the state championship, Saturday, December 14.

The Nighthawks, whose linebacker was a shooting victim's brother, won on a 36-yard touchdown pass as time expired, beating Darien 13-7.

The Nighthawks ended the season undefeated and gave Newtown its first championship since 1992.

Twenty first graders and six educators were killed at Sandy Hook on December 14, 2012. (AP)

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Not again.
A long line of students, their hands in the air:
a scene that all Americans have come to dread.
The high school shooting in Santa Clarita, California
left two students dead,
a 16 year old girl and a 14 year old boy,
and three other students injured.
We're following the breaking news on a school shooting.
Police responding to a shooting at Saugus High School
in Santa Clarita, California.
You can see first responders
taking an injured student to the ambulance.
Our first units arrived on scene
and encountered, in the quad area of the school,
multiple victims.
Among those who were transported turned out to be
the suspect, who is currently in the hospital
in grave condition.
The suspect is a 10th grade track star.
Police executed a search warrant at his home
10 minutes from the school.
He's identified as a 16 year old male,
who's birthday is today.
When word of the shooting spread,
students were placed on lockdown in their classrooms
until they were given the 'all clear'.
I spoke to a choir teacher
who tended to a girl who was shot.
Where was the student shot?
She was shot in her side here.
And she was actually shot again in her shoulder.
As well.
The shooting hit home for Katie Hill,
the Congresswoman who recently resigned
after having an affair with a campaign staffer.
She's a graduate of this school and called into CNN.
I went to Saugus, I live in Saugus now.
You can see the helicopters and you can hear the sirens
from my back yard right now.
Just this year, Santa Clarita was named
one of the safest cities in America to raise a child.
That title was shattered around 7:40,
just as class was about to get underway.
Gonna be at Saugus High School.
Shots fired, several people down.
Panicked parents rushed to the school
to reunite with their children.
It's a heart-wrenching and sobering scene here.
We're at a park about two miles from the high school.
This is where the students were taken by bus
after the shooting.
Parents waited here for over three hours
to be reunited with their loved ones,
all the while waiting, hoping, and praying
that they were okay.
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