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CBS News 7 Feb 2020

Sanders looks to New Hampshire after declaring victory in Iowa


Senator Bernie Sanders is now looking to New Hampshire after declaring victory in Iowa, where results show him in a tie for delegates with Pete Buttigieg. CBS News campaign reporter Cara Korte joins CBSN with more on what the Sanders campaign is doing.

"What's your reaction, sir, to Mayor Buttigieg last night declaring victory?"

In a press gaggle on the airplane heading to New Hampshire, Sen. Bernie Sanders responded to Mayor Pete Buttigieg's remarks after the Iowa Caucus.
Bernie Sanders speaks after being the projected winner in the Nevada caucus. Sanders has swept both Iowa and New Hampshire in the primaries.

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Democratic presidential candidates made their final pitch to New Hampshire voters ahead of the first votes being cast in the Granite State's primary. With Sen. Bernie Sanders leading initial polls, the primary will be crucial for some candidates to continue their campaigns. Aired on 2/11/20.
Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary election, the second state to pick a Democratic party candidate.…

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