NewsNet 3 Sep 2020

San Diego Contemplates Housing Homeless in Vacant Hotel Rooms


Mayor Faulconer wants the city to buy rooms from hotels to be converted into homes, aiming to temporarily shelter thousands of vulnerable homeless San Diegans. NewsNet's Danielle Radin reports.

San Diego Loyal said a member of Phoenix Rising hurled a hateful comment at midfielder Collin Martin, who came out as gay in 2018. NewsNet's Danielle Radin reports.
San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer weighs in on the recent criticism California Gov. Gavin Newsom has faced after attending a dinner party at an upscale restaurant.
A Colombian college student recently introduced pod hotels to his country after traveling to Europe with friends. He also believes that this new type of hotel can help contain the coronavirus after the country resumed international flights.
The mayor says play structures in parks will open soon. NewsNet's Danielle Radin reports.

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