MSNBC 10 Sep 2019

Samantha Power: Russia Exceeded My Worst Expectations


Samantha Power, former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. talks with Rachel Maddow about how Russia took such a dark turn as a country under Putin in the aftermath of the Cold War, and the importance of disagreement and deliberation in a functional White House.

She named her memoir 'The Education of an Idealist.' Shoulda named it 'The Amnesia of a Bomb Rationalizer'
Eight years ago this week, 15 Syrian teenagers were detained and tortured for spraying anti-government graffiti on a school wall.

That was the beginning of an uprising that led to a civil war, which continues today.

The conflict has killed an estimated 560,000 people and created nearly six million refugees.

The UN and the European Union are holding a donor conference in Brussels to raise nine billion dollars for humanitarian assistance.

With the war now entering its ninth year, what does the future hold?
And what hopes are there for peace?

Presenter: James Bays


Taleb Ibrahim - Pro-Assad government voice and Former Professor at Auburn University

Yahya Al Aridi - Syrian High Negotiations Commission Spokesman and opposition representative

Wa'el AlZayat - Former Senior Syria Adviser to Samantha Power, the former U.S. Ambassador to the UN

Richard Gowan - Senior Fellow at United Nations University.
'The Hill' contributor John Solomon reports Samantha Power displayed anti-Trump bias in government emails. #Hannity #FoxNews

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Firefighters are battling an enormous fire that has engulfed an electricity power station in Mytishchi. …

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