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RT America 8 Apr 2019

Saboteur in Mar-a-Lago or weird story of Chinese 'spy'


Yujing Zhang, the Chinese woman with suspicious equipment and thousands in cash who bluffed her way past Mar-a-Lago security while President Trump was residing there and raising questions about security at "the Winter White House" is to appear in court. RT America's John Huddy joins News.Views.Hughes with the details. #RTAmerica

Rick Sanchez breaks the news of federal prosecutors filing a criminal complaint in the Southern District of Miami against a Chinese national woman who allegedly entered Mar-A-Lago illegally over the weekend while carrying two passports and malware.
New details reveal how an 18-year-old man made a stunning security breach at President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida on November 23, 2018. CNN's Brian Todd has the details.
Federal prosecutors are asking a federal judge if they can file classified information under seal related to their case against Chinese national Yujing Zhang, who illegally entered President Trump's beach resort in March. Miami Herald reporter Sarah Blaskey joined CBSN to discuss what that means for the government's case.
Mother Jones' David Corn tells MSNBC's David Gura about the mysterious triangle tying the newly indicted Mar-a-Lago trespasser and that scandalous Florida massage parlor to the Trump Inauguration.

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