The Hill
The Hill 16 Nov 2020

Saagar Enjeti: How Biden May SCREW Working Class By Bailing Out HIS Voters, Inciting Class Warfare


Saagar Enjeti explains why a media landscape without Donald Trump is "boring," he also predicts the future political landscape.

Saagar Enjeti discusses how President Trump and Congressional Republicans reacted to the pandemic. He also explains how the President is becoming a more "conventional" Republican.
Saagar Enjeti explains how returning to normal is taking "the same poison that got us where we are today."
Saagar Enjeti gives his opinion on the media's coverage of the alleged scandal involving Hunter Biden. He also breaks down the may ways he believes the media has lied about this story.
Saagar Enjeti reacts to reports about President Trump's health and breaks down how it could impact the upcoming election.

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