MSNBC 14 Jan 2020

Russians Hacked Burisma, Ukrainian Gas Company At Center Of Impeachment - Day That Was


Russian hackers from a military intelligence unit hacked Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company Joe Biden's son Hunter works for, which is also at the center of President Donald Trump's impeachment. According to The New York Times, hackers used tactics reminiscent of 2016 attacks on the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign and were searching for information to embarrass the Biden family. Aired on 1/13/20.

The Guardian reports that Amy Klobuchar "did not prosecute" the officer at the center of the George Floyd death in 2006 after a police shooting incident. #FoxNews #Hannity
Officer Derek Chauvin, officer at the center of George Floyd's death, has been taken into custody. Aired on 05/29/2020.
At least 35 people have died from COVID-19 at an elder care facility in Richmond, Virginia, as state leaders rush to contain the ongoing outbreak. NBC News' Catie Beck reports. Aired on 4/09/2020.
Casinos in Las Vegas have sat empty for weeks because of the coronavirus pandemic, representing millions in lost revenue. The mayor has pushed for the Strip to reopen, but the governor and casino operator Caesars Entertainment say that safety should come first.

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