Euronews 13 Aug 2019

Russian engineers buried after rocket explosion at Arctic test site


Five Russian engineers that were killed as they tested a rocket have been laid to rest with thousands attending their funerals.…

Five Rosatom employees were killed and three injured in an explosion at a military testing site in northern Russia on Thursday, RIA news agency cited the state nuclear company as saying.…
Five nuclear scientists, described as the elite of Russia's main nuclear test site, were killed at the Russian nuclear test site, along with two others.
Air attacks were launched on Gaza hours after Israel said rockets were fired on Tel Aviv on Thursday, raising fears of a major escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Explosions were heard in the Gaza Strip early on Friday and Palestinian witnesses said Israeli planes bombed Hamas security positions.
Al Jazeera's Ijeoma Ndukwe has this report.
Despite rumours that there is radiation in the area, the inhabitants of the small Russian village of Uyma, near Severodvinsk, have continued to pick mushrooms and berries as they do at the start of every autumn.…

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