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Voice of America 21 May 2020

Rohingya Refugees Strive to Rebuild Lives After Devastating Fire


Fire in Bangladesh's Cox's Bazar burned through more than 600 makeshift shanties #Cox'sBazar #rohingyarefugees

More boats carrying Rohingya refugees have arrived in waters off Bangladesh.
Some of the refugees have been transferred to a small island, Bhasan Char, described by rights activists as a "dangerously flood-prone island without adequate healthcare".

Al Jazeera's Mohammed Jamjoom reports.
For Yazidi women like Laila Taloo, the Islamic State's self-declared caliphate meant death to their men, rape and slavery for them. IS no longer holds any territory in Iraq and Syria, but many Yazidis are still missing. (May 21)
One year has passed since a massive fire destroyed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Restoration work has been slow and painstaking, and the site was closed amid fears for the workers' safety as the coronavirus pandemic gripped France. CBS News' Elaine Cobbe reports from Paris.
At least 24 Rohingya refugees have died of starvation on a boat that has been adrift for two months.
Hundreds of others were rescued by the Bangladeshi coastguard on Wednesday - after their boat failed to reach Malaysia.
Al Jazeera's Alexi O'Brien reports.

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