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Voice of America 25 Feb 2020

Robot Tested in China to Fight Coronavirus


A robot spraying disinfectant mist is tested, Tuesday, February 25, in Hangzhou, eastern China, a city partly under lockdown due to the coronavirus.

Big automakers are racing to re-tool in order to make ventilators and other medical gear to fight coronavirus. But switching from vehicles to a printer-sized ventilator isn't so easy. And it hasn't been easy in the past. During World War II, it took 18 months for industry to ramp up and take on wartime production.

A team of officials disinfected Kisumu maximum security prison to help curb the spread of the coronavirus in Kenya, Tuesday, April 14.
Lawrence O'Donnell talks to Governor Larry Hogan, head of the National Governors Association, about Maryland's early and drastic actions to combat the threat of coronavirus.
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Los Angeles extends lockdown until August, as inmates try to contract coronavirus in hopes of release; Fox News' Trace Gallagher reports. #FoxNews #Tucker

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