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CBS News 23 Mar 2020

Robert De Niro issues warning to New Yorkers about social distancing


Actor Robert De Niro warned his fellow New Yorkers to stay home during the coronavirus outbreak. The actor channeled his character from "Meet The Parents" to tell everyone, "I'm watching you." Governor Andrew Cuomo shared the video on Twitter, along with messages from other celebrities.

There is a "real danger" in getting overconfident and rolling back stay-at-home orders too soon, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Monday. "We're not going to make that mistake." He urged people not to get lax about social distancing and raised fines on those who violate state orders. Watch his remarks.
Democratic presidential candidates made their final pitch to New Hampshire voters ahead of the first votes being cast in the Granite State's primary. With Sen. Bernie Sanders leading initial polls, the primary will be crucial for some candidates to continue their campaigns. Aired on 2/11/20.
Social distancing isn't conducive to making new friends, at least with other people. So some have taken the opportunity to bring pets into their lives. Erin Trotta is fostering Bubba, a 10-month-old mastiff, while she's stuck working at home. She's one of many who have taken in a pet to keep her company while the coronavirus epidemic prevents us all from socializing with family and friends.'s Mara Montalbano has more.
Data from Kinsa Health shows parts of the country that have implemented safety measures, such as social distancing, have seen a decrease in the rates of fever, a key symptom of COVID-19.

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