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The Hill 22 Nov 2020

#RisingQs: Why Didn't The 'Squad' Push For New House Leadership?


Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti answer viewers' questions on why the "squad" didn't use their social media platforms and open invitations to CNN & MSNBC to demand new House leadership, will the U.S. stay out of the Middle East under the Biden Administration, and who would Krystal and Saagar choose to run in 2024?

Dan Graziano explains why the Packers didn't make a move before the NFL trade deadline and (2:00) the Get Up crew weighs in on whether the decision to stand pat was the right one for Green Bay.
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On The Jump, Brian Windhorst updates the LA Clippers' search for a new head coach, with Tyronn Lue, Darvin Ham, Mike Brown and Jeff Van Gundy being mentioned. Kendrick Perkins weighs in on the options and what direction he thinks they should go.

#NBA #Clippers #TheJump
President-elect Joe Biden is set to tackle the next stimulus bill as coronavirus cases and hospitalizations rise across the country. However, he's facing major challenges from top Republicans. CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid reports on the latest developments and CBSN political contributor Zeke Miller joins CBSN for further analysis.
Turkish authorities say Halla and Orouba Barakat were killed in a family dispute. Others suspect a targeted assassination.

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