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Washington Post 28 Mar 2020

Rise in coronavirus patients puts strain on Michigan hospitals' resources


John Fox, chief executive and president of Beaumont Health, said March 27 that Michigan hospitals are reducing masks and ventilators to accommodate for the rise in coronavirus patients.

NBC's Kathy Park travels to Stony Brook University where triage tents and facilities are being prepared to receive coronavirus patients from New York's Suffolk County.
Dr. Tomislav Mihaljevic of the Cleveland Clinic joins Morning Joe to discuss how the clinic is beginning preparations for a surge in patients. Aired on 4/3/2020.
The coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Turkey, but President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants to keep the economy going. The country currently has more than 18 thousand confirmed cases and 356 deaths associated with the virus. For now, President Erdogan is resisting growing pressure from unions and the opposition to impose a general lockdown to slow the outbreak. But what he did introduce early on is a curfew for the chronically ill and people older than 65.
Hydroxychloroquine, the antimalarial drug touted by President Trump, is linked to increased risk of death in coronavirus patients, a study of 96,000 hospitalized coronavirus patients on six continents found, according to new reporting. Aired on 05/22/2020.

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-Today we have about 800 COVID-positive patients
in Beaumont Health.
For a time frame, 13 days ago that was zero.
When the crisis broke two weeks ago,
we had a reserve of 50,000 masks that we were able to draw upon.
But we've gone through that relatively quickly.
We are getting our normal supply,
and we are adding to it a lot of spot-buying that's going on,
and frankly with others around the country,
and we've recently had some success over the last few days.
Generally, our protocol is that if you're given a mask,
we'd like you to use it for the day.
Obviously, if a mask becomes soiled or a problem,
then we'll issue another mask.
But we're all trying to conserve the PPE
to the maximum extent possible, and that's going pretty well.
Ventilators, we were concerned about.
We have secured more ventilators.
We're an eight-hospital system,
so we're able to move ventilators around.
And now we're also using a single ventilator
for multiple patients.
You can arrange the tubing in a way that if you have
two positive COVID-19 patients in a semi-private room,
you can do pretty good therapy or pulmonary function support
with a ventilator on more than one patient.
We're still, I think, on the upside of our surge,
and no one really can predict the peak of the surge.
The modeling is very fluid around all this,
and so I think it's the --
it's really up to the virus, not us.
I'm hopeful that we will do well.
But how long this runs and how big the peak is is something
that, you know, we're preparing for as best we can,
but we'll just have to see what the real facts bring us.

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