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NBC News 22 Nov 2020

Right-wing Viewers Upset With Trump's Loss Move From Fox To Further Right Media


John Podhoretz, Editor, Commentary Magazine; Columnist, New York Post; NBC News Contributor, says that conservatives have to resist going too far down the path to "crazy town."

CNN's Brian Stelter, host of ‘Reliable Sources,' thinks Facebook is a threat to our democracy because it is rife with right-wing misinformation. But he also thinks it's a threat to our democracy that people are leaving Facebook, too. If you think that's confusing, you're right! It's idiotic!
The recent arrest of 13 men, some accused of plotting to kidnap the governor of Michigan and planning to start a civil war, has drawn new attention to the threat posed by right-wing militias in the United States. Heavily armed militia members have shown up on the steps of the state capitol to protest the governor's coronavirus restrictions. And some have also taken to the streets in cities across the U.S. this summer in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. All of this is generating attention from the international media. Here's part of a report by Britain's ITV News filed from Louisville, Kentucky.

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Mark Potok is a former Senior Fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center
Muhammad Fraser-Rahim is executive director of  North America for Quilliam International.
Colin Clarke is a Senior Research fellow at the Soufan Center
Mary C. Curtis is a columnist for "Roll Call' and host of the "Equal Time" podcast.
As the Democrats take back the White House, what does the 2020 presidential election say about the future of US politics?

Despite Joe Biden's win, tens of millions of Americans chose Donald Trump for a second term. How the Republican party relates to this bloc of voters - along with the ideology Trump represents - is now central to its strategic direction.

For the Democrats, an old guard embodied by Joe Biden and a new generation of progressives are in a contest for influence over the party's vision.

In The End of a Presidency: Trump's Loss in a Divided America, Fault Lines explores how Trump changed the presidency, and where the two parties will go next.
Chief Video Director at the Daily Caller, Richie McGinniss, discusses the arrest of a local news security guard in Colorado after he allegedly shot and killed a right-wing protester.

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