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Rick Gates calls for Mueller probe into Joe Biden


A key witness in the Mueller investigation said he agrees with President Trump's calls for a similar probe into Joe Biden. One America's Jennifer Franco spoke with Rick Gates about his thoughts on the matter.

Democrats are calling for an investigation into the Pentagon's COVID-19 spending just days after Rep. Adam Smith said there wouldn't be one.
Republican strategist Stuart Stevens says normally experience can hurt a candidate running for president, but right now it's helping Joe Biden because voters want "someone who knows how to be president.". Aired on 10/15/2020.
Texas is a rapidly changing state with the fastest growing population in the US. Hispanic Texans are expected to become the majority by 2022, but will this help Joe Biden flip a Republican stronghold? Oliver Laughland and Tom Silverstone travel to suburban Dallas and the border city of McAllen to look at the political impact of this diversification and the legacy of Donald Trump's hardline immigration policies
Florida's Attorney General says Michael Bloomberg may be violating camapaign finance laws buy donating $16 million to help felons pay off their debt. #FoxNews

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