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CGTN America 6 Jun 2020

Retail analyst on how COVID-19 has affected beauty industry sales


Sucharita Kodali, Retail Analyst at Forrester Research, talked about how COVID-19 has affected beauty industry sales.

In a Newsmax TV exclusive with White House Correspondent Emerald Robinson, US Department of Health & Human Services Secretary Alex Azar comments on the truthfulness of the World Health Organization's statements on the COVID-19 pandemic, whether the United States has to worry about a resurgence or second wave of the pandemic, and more.

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Monkeys are one of Thailand's biggest tourist attractions but with the pandemic and social distancing rules things have changed. NBC News' Janis Mackey Frayer reports on how the coronavirus has impacted the local species in Thailand.
CGTN's Rachelle Akuffo spoke to Haiti Liberté English language Editor Kim Ives ahout how COVID-19 is straining the Caribbean nation's unstable economy.
CGTN's Rachelle Akuffo speaks to Corbin Jennings, the owner of MADabolic, on how gyms have been affected by the pandemic.

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