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Associated Press 22 May 2020

Rescued manatees released into Florida Keys waters


Marine rescue volunteers released two manatees back into Florida Keys waters on Wednesday. Spookey was injured by a boat before being rescued in October 2019, and Scott was seen in February 2020 after becoming entangled in a fishing line. (May 22)

The Florida Keys have reopened to nonresidents after being closed since March 22 in an effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19 during the global pandemic. (June 2)
One positive effect of the coronavirus pandemic has been on the environment. It's led to the biggest ever reduction in the volume of carbon dioxide released into the world's atmosphere.

At the height of the lockdown scientists say that daily emissions around the world dropped by almost a fifth. The biggest fall was in China, while in the UK carbon dioxide output was reduced by 13 per cent. But scientists are warning that the cuts in greenhouse gases are likely to be temporary.

Meanwhile in the United States, President Trump has been strongly criticised by health experts, after stating that he was taking an anti-malarial drug to protect himself against coronavirus. Regulators have warned there's no evidence that hydroxychloroquine provides any protection from Covid-19 and say it can cause heart problems.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reports from Science Editor David Shukman and North America correspondent Nick Bryant.
Here's the latest for Friday, May 22nd: Trump tells governors to reopen houses of worship; FBI to conduct review of Flynn investigation; Pakistani jetliner crashes before landing in Karachi; Graduating seniors 'fly high' in Florida Keys.
A manatee that has been separated from its mother was rescued off the coast of Florida on Saturday

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