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Al Jazeera 11 Sep 2019

Rescue efforts continue after Hurricane Dorian leaves Bahamas


Rescue workers in the Bahamas are still searching for bodies after Hurricane Dorian devastated the islands last week.
At least 50 people are confirmed dead and now there's an urgent appeal to help the survivors in the aftermath of the most powerful storm to ever hit the Caribbean.
Al Jazeera's Katia Lopez-Hodayan reports.

Residents of Freeport took to jet-skis and boats to help in rescue efforts, Wednesday, September 3, after Hurricane Dorian lashed the Bahamas.
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As relief efforts begin in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian decimated the islands, cruise ships from Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean are delivering aid and thousands of meals to help residents who were affected by the storm.
After being badly beaten by Hurricane Dorian, the Bahamas are dealing with an unprecedented crisis. NBC News' Morgan Chesky is on the ground getting reactions from those affected.
Hurricane Dorian hits Bahamas as second-strongest Atlantic storm on record…

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