CNN 12 Oct 2020

Republican voter says Trump is taking down the whole ticket in this swing state


President Donald Trump is affecting more that just the presidential race this year. Republican Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA), is facing a tough reelection campaign in part due to her close ties to the President. CNN's Jeff Zeleny reports.

"Is he a racist? Yes."

Sen. Kamala Harris said she believes President Trump is a racist at a rally in Cleveland, OH on Saturday.
Rachel Nichols, Richard Jefferson and Scottie Pippen discuss how healthy they think Miami Heat forward Bam Adebayo looked in Game 4 of the 2020 NBA finals against the Los Angeles Lakers. The crew discusses Bam's impact and that we have yet to see him at the level he needs to be while Pippen says the Heat are in this series based on the will of Jimmy Butler.

President Trump continued to downplay the novel coronavirus in the days leading up to his positive test for the virus on Oct. 1.
"Every time he focuses on my state or on me, we see the violent rhetoric increase. We see the threats online increase," says Gov. Whitmer of Pres. Trump's attacks, "It's dangerous. It's anti-American." Aired on 10/28/2020.

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