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One America News Network 18 May 2020

Report: Nearly 20K COVID tests unused weekly in Los Angeles County


While some states have warned of coronavirus testing shortages, one California county is experiencing an overflow. One America's Grayce Rust has more details on the surplus.


Sailors and civilian crew member hoisted hospital beds on board a hospital ship anchored in Los Angeles, Tuesday, April 28.

The ship is taking on patients from onshore hospitals amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The ship arrived in Los Angeles in March from San Diego.

California has reported 553,409 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of Tuesday. (AP)
▶️Lines of cars snaked around The Forum arena in Los Angeles, California, Friday, April 10, to pick up groceries being handed out by a food bank.

The food was being provided by the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, and volunteers expected as many as 5,000 families to show up.

Drivers stayed in their vehicles as volunteers placed the groceries in the trunk or back seat.

Demand for services, such as food pantries, have increased sharply due to layoffs amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Los Angeles County beaches, which have been closed for more than six weeks, reopened Wednesday with some restrictions on activities and other rules in place, such as no picnicking and sunbathing, but people can walk, run, swim, or surf.
May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month - a celebration of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States. Chinese American Museum in Los Angeles are offering online activities for the public. Check it out.

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