C-SPAN 3 Dec 2019

Rep. Schiff on Whether He Supports Impeachment


House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff spoke to reporters following the release of the committee's report: "The Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry Report". Schiff answered a question on if he's planning on voting to impeach the president. He says, "I'm going to reserve any kind of a public judgement on that…"

Rep. Adam Schiff is drafting a bill to create a 9/11-style commission to scrutinize the Trump administration's slow, unprepared response to fighting coronavirus. He tells Lawrence O'Donnell that Trump saying impeachment distracted from the pandemic is "an interesting acknowledgement that the administration has screwed up this response" but the president's delay in taking the virus seriously has had "catastrophic consequences."
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President Donald Trump defended the Justice Department's decision to overrule the prosecutors on the Roger Stone case and seek a lighter prison sentence for Trump's longtime confidant. He also refused to say whether he has plans to pardon Stone. (Feb. 12)
As the Senate readied the passage of the $2 trillion stimulus package, Sen. Bernie Sanders slammed Republicans' stances on issues like unemployment benefits and money for corporations.
WATCH: Ali Vitali asked Sen. Elizabeth Warren if Sen. Bernie Sanders has released enough of his medical records and she said, "He just hasn't. I mean I don't think that's a matter of opinion." Aired on 02/20/20.

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