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NBC News 13 Jan 2021

Rep Richmond Voices Support For Trump's Second Impeachment


Rep. Cedric Richmond voices his support for the second impeachment of President Trump, saying to Republicans "we told you so." This was his last time addressing Congress on the floor before he joins the Biden administration.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she is "heartbroken" over what the second impeachment of President Trump means for the country. NBC News' Sahil Kapur explains how Trump's second impeachment could change the course of the Republican party's future.
"Usually when the Senate tries to ram something through that quickly, it's a conservative Supreme Court justice." Late night hosts marveled at the possibility of President Donald Trump's second impeachment following the deadly Capitol riot.
NBC News' Danny Cevallos breaks down the next steps in President Trump's second impeachment process.
Senate leaders are discussing how and when legal proceedings for the soon-to-be former president will begin.

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