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Associated Press 1 Apr 2020

Rep. McAdams on virus: The sickest I've ever been


Rep. Ben McAdams who has recovered from the coronavirus after testing positive said it's the sickest he's ever been. As Congress considers whether to take up another relief bill, McAdams said more still needs to be done. (April 1)

Eurovision may have been cancelled this year, but fans can look forward to a new Netflix movie about the song contest.

The Story of Fire Saga stars Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams as two small-town singers who chase their dreams and represent Iceland at Eurovision.

McAdams talks to the BBC's Colin Paterson about what she couldn't stop laughing about, and being a fan of Graham Norton, who makes an appearance in the film.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga is released on Netflix on 26 June.
CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez was live covering the protests surrounding the death of George Floyd. Viewers can hear Jimenez's voice as he tells cops that his crew is willing to move. A few seconds later, he and his photographer are handcuffed. "A black reporter from CNN was arrested while legally covering the protests in Minneapolis. A white reporter also on the ground was not," CNN said. Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz apologized and the crew was released.'s Leigh Scheps has more.
"It's also about what we can do to make sure that police aren't always the solution to everything," Mayor Garcetti says. "To look at what we can do in a mental health crisis to have trained professionals ... who can roll out and maybe have better and more lasting outcomes than police." Aired on 6/30/2020.
Internal Medicine Physician, Dr. Lipi Roy criticizes a lack of a national strategy on battling the coronavirus, what she would like to see from local government officials and why she says elected officials must be held accountable for how they handle the virus. Aired on 07/10/2020.

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