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The Guardian 4 May 2020

Renting during coronavirus: NHS workers and students share their struggles


As lockdown continues, Owen Jones speaks to private renters about how the pandemic has affected them. From activists in tenants' unions and NHS workers struggling to find accommodation to students who've had their final terms disrupted and are left unsure about what to do with their accommodation, he asks them if they are worried about what comes next 

Essential workers and their households will be able to book coronavirus tests online from tomorrow, the health secretary says.

Speaking at the daily Downing Street briefing, Matt Hancock said the criteria for who can be tested for coronavirus would be expanded to include any essential workers and their families who need a test.

Previously, some key workers with symptoms - such as NHS workers, social care staff, and emergency services - and their families had been allowed to be tested.
Medical workers from across the country share their stories fighting the coronavirus. Aired on 04/03/2020.
Doctors and nurses on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic share their thoughts in real time as they fight the spread of the coronavirus.
As Zoom use has increased during coronavirus and social distancing, ‘Zoom-bombing' has become a major issue. FOX Business' Jackie DeAngelis with more.

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