The Guardian
The Guardian 4 May 2020

Renting during coronavirus: NHS workers and students share their struggles


As lockdown continues, Owen Jones speaks to private renters about how the pandemic has affected them. From activists in tenants' unions and NHS workers struggling to find accommodation to students who've had their final terms disrupted and are left unsure about what to do with their accommodation, he asks them if they are worried about what comes next 

Students share their experiences with remote learning as classes get underway amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
NBC News asked students, with their parents' permission, to share what it's been like to try to learn in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.
NBC News' Priscilla Thompson speaks to parents and students in Florida to see how they feel about in-person learning amid the ongoing pandemic.
Millions of kids study abroad every year. It's the best way of building a global network before graduating. But applications are falling for the US, Canada and the UK. Germany is rising in popularity. At the same time students face numerous new challenges due to the pandemic.

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