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Al Jazeera 6 Feb 2020

Refugees, migrants in Serbia attempt to cross Hungary's border


Around 200 refugees and migrants have amassed at Serbia's border with Hungary asking to be let through as they seek entry into more prosperous Western European countries.
But Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban ordered a fence to be put up five years ago, saying they were not welcome.
Thousands of people live in refugee camps in the Balkans, many of whom are from war-torn countries.
Al Jazeera's Laura Burdon-Manley reports.

The world's attention in recent months has been laser-focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, yet other global problems haven't gone away... Indeed, some have only been exacerbated by the health emergency. That's certainly the case with the migration crisis along the U.S. southern border.

CGTN's Alasdair Baverstock reports, more migrants than ever are feeling stranded in Mexico.
The US Supreme Court has blocked an attempt to delay voting in Tuesday's presidential primary in the state of Wisconsin over the coronavirus pandemic.
It raises the question as to whether it is safe to go to the polls during a pandemic.
More than a million people requested absentee ballots, but only half of them had arrived a day before the vote.
And as Al Jazeera's John Hendren reports, it has left many in the midwestern state in a state of chaos, uncertainty and fear.
Jersey City police attempted to disperse a street fight on Bostwick Ave. in N.J. The scene became violent leaving four officers and one perpetrator injured. The officers are under fire for how they handled the situation and the incident is currently under investigation.
Michigan Secretary of State Joceylyn Benson spoke to Alex Witt about President Trump's criticism of her decision to send mail-in ballot applications to voters in the state. She claimed his tweets were an attempt to "sow seeds of doubt" in the election process.

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