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Al Jazeera 14 Jan 2020

Refugees in Greece: Healthcare cuts expose mental health crisis


Greece is toughening its stance on asylum seekers, taking away their rights to healthcare and social security payments.
It's a reflection of the tension between the Greek society and refugees.
In the second of a series of reports on the main overland route from Greece to Croatia.
Al Jazeera's Laurence Lee went to one Greek village where refugees' growing sense of isolation is having tragic consequen

The United Nations is warning of a mental-health crisis brought on by the corona-virus. It says governments need to take immediate action. Millions of people are suffering from psychological repercussions, especially those closest to the pandemic. Many Kids say that they're sad, bored or worried and doctors warn that their mental health is at stake.
But adults are suffering too. Many have lost their jobs and need assistance to get along. Their daily struggle to make ends meet is a mental strain.
Then there's the mental well-being of health workers. They have to deal with so many deaths. Even their own colleagues. All the time worrying they could be next.
Data from Crisis Text Line, a nonprofit that offers crisis intervention via text, shows social isolation, unemployment and forced quarantines are having a significant effect on people's mental health.
Concerns surrounding a mental health crisis are rising during lockdown as many are reporting a decline in personal well being.

Being separated from our loved ones and staying inside could be having a significant impact across the UK.

Despite the uptick in people reporting mental health concerns, the number of people utilising mental health services in the NHS has declined.
Before the pandemic ever started, the World Health Organization estimated one in four Nigerians suffered from mental health issues

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