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Fox News 29 Jun 2020

Reddit bans popular page used by Trump supporters


Reddit bans page used by Trump supporters for promoting "rule breaking content". Twitch, owned by Amazon, also banned President Trump's account. #FoxNews

A Republican group of President Donald Trump critics slammed Trump supporters for continuing to use the racist Confederate flag symbol.
"It's not going to touch you at the rally," author Jeff Sharlet says of hardcore Trump supporters' belief in the divinity and "spiritual protection" of a Trump rally against coronavirus, "You'll be sort of magically protected." Aired on 6/19/2020.
Trump supporters in Tulsa, OK talk about their lack of concern of contracting coronavirus at Saturday's rally
A TikTok user, who threatened to stab the next person she hears say "all lives matter," has claimed Trump supporters got her fired. One America's Chloe Hauxwell has more on her claims.

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