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Voice of America 11 May 2020

Read, the Beloved Country: Literature in Locked-Down South Africa


This is a story about books in an unlikely place, and their struggle to get into the hands of people during a national lockdown. South Africa's eased lockdown means books are finally available for sale again, but in the nation's biggest city, with its reputation for speed and hustle, do people care? VOA's Anita Powell takes us on a literary journey through the unlikeliest of literary towns: Johannesburg.

Unlike its European neighbors, Swedish officials did not institute lock down measures to combat the Covid-19 epidemic. CNN's Phil Black takes a look at how that has affected the country's outbreak.

Czech theater performers put on a trampoline show around the locked down city of Prague to entertain people isolated from the coronavirus, Thursday, April 9.

The bell of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris rang through the empty streets of the locked down city on the first anniversary of the devastating fire, Wednesday, April 15.
South Africa's quick move to implement a strict national lockdown seems to have slowed down the coronavirus infection rate considerably in the country, according scientists. One of the South African doctors at the forefront of fighting the disease is Dr. Taheera Hassim, a gynecologist who is also volunteering for the disaster response NGO, Gift of the Givers. Reporter Marize de Klerk brings us Dr. Hassim's story, told in her own words.

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