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Fox Sports 6 Feb 2020

Ray Lewis: 'My plan B was going back to the hood'


Ray Lewis details his greatest on-the-field moment at the University of Miami during the ReUnion. Ray Lewis was joined by Ed Reed, Michael Irvin and Reggie Wayne to relive their greatest moments from college.

The candidates are asked if Jeremy Corbyn was the fault of Labour's election defeat and that it needs to move back to the centre.
The First Take crew debates whether Stephen Curry can carry the Golden State Warriors back to their dynasty status.
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Much has been made about Brexit and the effects it will have on the European Union. One America's Jack Posobiec sat down with Swedish lawmaker Mattias Karlsson to find out more about how the finalization of Brexit could affect Sweden.
Mike Greenberg, Laura Rutledge, Dan Orlovsky and Mike Tannenbaum react to WR Julian Edelman teasing QB Tom Brady about returning to the New England Patriots next season during the North Carolina Tar Heels vs. Syracuse Orange game.
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