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CGTN America 30 Jan 2020

Rains pound Minas Gerias in Brazil, as flooding devastates Brazilian state


The Brazilian state of Minas Gerais was battered by heavy rains and flooding over the weekend. So far, at least 54 people are dead and thousands were forces to leave their homes. CGTN's Paulo Cabral had a look at the after math earlier in the week.

Dozens of Jakarta neighborhoods are flooded after torrential rains pounded Indonesia's capital, Tuesday, February 25.
Greg Yerex, a Canadian passenger aboard the Diamond Princess, was initially told he had tested positive for the novel coronavirus and his wife had not. In fact, both had tested positive and will remain in Japan as the quarantine aboard the cruise ship ends. 

El primer ministro de Sudán sobrevive a un intento de asesinato y está en un lugar seguro
London's landmarks lit in blue as residents across the UK applauded the country's healthcare workers for their efforts in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

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