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Sky News 5 Jan 2020

Rain brings relief to scorched parts of Australia


Milder temperatures on Sunday brought temporary relief to areas of Australia affected by wildfires.

But that's only temporary, with the Prime Minister Scott Morrison warning that there was still "months to go" until the end of bushfire season.

The number of those killed by wild-fires increased to 24, in the town of Batlow a 47-year old man died while defending the home of a friend.

The area just north of Syracuse could get 4 feet of snow by late Friday as an unusual atmospheric "fire hose" blasts the area with blizzard conditions. CBS News weather and climate contributor Jeff Berardelli joins CBSN with the forecast.
The Pentagon has asked a court for time to reconsider parts of its decision to award a significant contract to Microsoft. One America's Hans Hubbard has the background on project 'JEDI cloud.'
Parts of eastern Australia are under water after a massive rainstorm caused flooding. Fire officials say the deluge has helped tamp out wildfires in the region. Charlotte Goodlet of Australia's Network 10 reports from Sydney.
Senators hold a news conference on the coronavirus relief bill. White House officials are working with congressional Republicans on an emergency stimulus package that could send two $1,000 checks to many Americans and also devote $300 billion towards helping small businesses avoid mass layoffs, according to two senior administration officials and a Treasury Department fact sheet.

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