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CBS News 8 Sep 2020

Quick pivot to launch online store helps Legacy Toys grow during pandemic


Legacy Toys in Minnesota was able to use their PPP loan to bring furloughed employees back to work and launch an online store. That revenue stream helped their brick-and-mortar locations survive the pandemic. Legacy Toys owner Brad Ruoho tells CBSN about the company's growth and his passion for educating children.

Northrop Grumman successfully launched four tons of supplies and equipment to the International Space Station, including a female-friendly $23 million space toilet, on Friday night. The first attempt to launch the Cygnus space station cargo ship atop an Antares rocket Thursday evening was aborted minutes before liftoff. Watch the launch here.
NASA is set to launch part one of its first-ever rotating crew mission aboard the Dragon, SpaceX's first official Commercial Space Capsule.
PM: Spain to launch vaccination plan in January
On this show we've often flagged the toxic culture of online speech. Now comes Covid. Just how much has all that extra screen time these past months amplified and enabled toxic behavior? When people feel alienated or threatened, one reaction is to pick on others, to bully,  and the number one targets are women. From cyberbullying classmates to abusive partners and total strangers who feel they can just let loose, how much of a toll has this pandemic taken on women? We ask our panel  what can be done to stop online violence.

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