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ABC News 27 Nov 2020

Quarantined bride with COVID-19 still gets fairy-tale wedding


When Lauren Jimenez became sick with COVID-19 days before their big day, she and her husband decided to move forward with a ceremony.

Talk show host Larry King, who hosted "Larry King Live" for 25 years, has been hospitalized with COVID-19, a source close to him confirmed to CBS News. King, 87, was admitted to Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. CBSN's Lana Zak reports.
When her 98-year-old mother was diagnosed with COVID-19, Mary Sardelis moved into the retirement home to save her life. She said what she saw was 'no man's land.'

In this edition we see how France's sports world is handling the Covid-19 curveball. With social distancing rules and two lockdowns upending many competitions and closing down most training facilities, it's been a rough year for athletes, clubs and fans alike. Faced with the dire consequences of this forced time-out, President Emmanuel Macron has met representatives and come up with a game plan. But beyond the financial aspect, this health crisis has also taken its toll on French athletes both physically and mentally. Judo champion Clarisse Agbegnenou gives us her take on the situation.
With each day, the COVID-19 pandemic is getting worse in the United States.

More than 15-million people have been infected with more than 285,000 deaths, and health experts warn January could be even worse. California's governor issued a stay-at-home order for 33-million residents, in an effort to ease the burden on the state's hospital system. Restaurants can no longer serve inside or outdoors, and hair salons and playgrounds will remain closed until January. New York's governor also warned if the hospitalization rates don't soon improve, indoor dining will be shut down again. In a sign of hope, US President-elect Joe Biden pledged 100-million vaccines in his first 100-days in office.

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Dr. Harry F. Hull is an Infectious Disease Epidemiologist.
Dr. Kate Tulenko is the CEO and Founder of Corvus Health.
Joseph Williams is the Senior News Editor with US News and World Report.
Dr. Devra Davis is an Epidemiologist who advises government and policymakers.

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