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Sky News 22 Nov 2020

'Psychodramas' in PM's office set back UK's fight against COVID-19


The Shadow Business Secretary has said she's worried the country has lost "two weeks" of progress resetting the virus because of the "the psycho-dramas going on in Number 10".

Speaking to Sophy Ridge, Lucy Powell said a public sector pay freeze would be a "kick in the teeth" for key workers and that it would be "wrong" to cut back on public finances at this time.

In France, for example, little more than half of adults plan to get vaccinated against COVID-19, according to a recent survey.
For thousands of years Llamas have played an important role in Andean life and culture.  These relatives of camels have been used for transport, food, clothing, even companionship.  Current scientific research suggests that antibodies found in llama's blood could offer a defense against COVID-19.

Correspondent Dan Collyns has the story.
See how G20 members have reacted to the coronavirus pandemic and how they have contributed to the global fight against the virus.
The coronavirus has spread to all corners of Brazil, including the country's indigenous tribes in the Amazon.

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