CNET 17 Sep 2020

PS5 vs Xbox Series X: full comparison


Do you have a next-generation gaming strategy? Now that Sony and Microsoft have both shown their respective hands, Jeff Bakalar takes a look at the messaging behind Xbox Series S, X, PlayStation 5 -- and even weighs going with a PC instead -- to give you all the information you need to know before jumping into the next generation of console gaming.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X represent a massive divide in how Sony and Microsoft are approaching video games moving forward. So what does that mean for you? Jeff Bakalar has reviewed each console and has some final thoughts on what the current landscape looks like plus advice on how you might want to shape your decision-making process.

Jeff compares the controllers, design, the games, exclusives and pretty much everything else you could ever want to know about how these consoles stack up. And of course, let's not forget about PC gaming options either.

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We finally have our PlayStation 5 in-house and Jeff Bakalar is ready to unbox the new console. Here's everything included inside the box and what the PS5 looks like standing side by side to the Xbox Series X. After the unboxing, he also compares the DualSense to the DualShock 4 and the DualSense to the Xbox Series X controller.

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Jeff Bakalar and Gamespot's Michael Higham discuss their experience with Xbox Series X preview hardware and break down backwards compatibility performance and how the Quick Resume feature is a game-changer.

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Los Angeles Times critic Todd Martens gives a quick overview of Microsoft's new Xbox Series X console, including his favorite features and what the company hopes to accomplish.

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