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Al Jazeera 14 Feb 2020

Protests force Canadian Railway to close its eastern network


The Canadian National Railway or CN Rail has announced it would shut its eastern network after indigenous-led demonstrators blocked rail lines for days.
The decision has forced the cancellation of nearly all passenger train services nationwide.
The protests are against the construction of a pipeline through an indigenous group's traditional lands.
Al Jazeera's Nicola Gage reports.

Japan on Friday approved a contentious plan to send its naval troops to the Middle East to ensure the safety of Japanese ships transporting oil to the energy-poor country that heavily depends on imports from the region.
FOX Business' Susan Li on Macy's plan to close stores and the future of the company.
Macy's announced a three-year restructuring plan to position itself for growth.
The death toll from the coronavirus outbreak has risen to 170, and a confirmed case in Tibet means it has reached every region in mainland China.

Chinese health authorities said there were 7,711 confirmed cases in the country as of 29 January.

Infections have also spread to at least 15 other countries.

The World Health Organization (WHO) will meet on Thursday to again consider whether the virus constitutes a global health emergency.

"In the last few days the progress of the virus, especially in some countries, especially human-to-human transmission, worries us," WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Wednesday.

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