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RT America 23 May 2019

'Protecting infrastructure' w/ anti-protest laws?


Former state Rep. LaDawn Jones (D-Georgia) and Carrie Sheffield, national editor of Accuracy in Media join Scottie Nell Hughes to discuss the anti-protest laws that target indigenous and environmental activists and the popular backlash against them on the part of opponents of new oil and gas pipelines in the US.

There is a new bipartisan interest on Capitol Hill in breaking up tech titans like Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google's parent company Alphabet, by examining if they are breaching anti-trust laws. Investigative journalist Ben Swann joins In Question to discuss.
Quillette editor Andy Ngo speaks out after being attacked at Antifa protest on 'The Story.'
Actor and activist Alyssa Milano is calling her followers to stop having sex in the wake of Georgia's new abortion law. Not everyone is on board.
Since President Trump's inauguration, at least 17 states have introduced laws to punish pipeline protestors, citing the need to "critical infrastructure." Rick Sanchez explains. Then RT America's Michele Greenstein joins to discuss the constitutionality of anti-protest laws and the growing pushback against them.

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