Euronews 21 Nov 2020

Professional golfer Amy Boulden on building resilience


After one of the most successful amateur careers in Welsh golfing history, Amy Boulden has just claimed her first European Tour win at the Swiss Ladies Open. We catch up with her at the Omega Dubai Moonlight Classic in this week's Interview.

New coronavirus measures in Germany will last until at least January, Angela Merkel has told lawmakers in the German Parliament. A Christmas amnesty cannot be guaranteed. German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended the extension of Germany's partial lockdown in a speech to lawmakers Thursday. She said current lockdown measures had enjoyed some success, but more was needed to avoid the health system being overwhelmed.

The current partial lockdown will be extended until at least December 20, and will probably be extended into January. Details include:
- Mandatory mask-wearing has been expanded in schools.
- Private gatherings are now limited to five people from two households, with children aged 14 exempted from the count.
- The start of school holidays is expected to be brought forward to December 16.
- Travel for holidays, particularly ski vacations, is strongly discouraged until at least January 10.
- Bars, restaurants, leisure facilities and concert halls, cosmetic studios, massage practices, tattoo studios remain closed.
- Masks must be worn in all publicly accessible indoor spaces, as well as in front of retail shops and in parking lots, and public transport.
- Overnight accommodation is only allowed for non-tourist purposes.
- The mandatory quarantine period has been reduced from 14 days to 10 days.
- Professional sports events may only take place without spectators.
- Individual sports as well as sports for two people or with members of your own household remain permitted.

Germany on Wednesday recorded its highest 24-hour death rate, with 410 people succumbing to the coronavirus. Roughly 20,000 new infections are being recorded each day in Germany, with 22,000 recorded on Thursday. The infection rate had been accelerating before the November lockdown, and total cases are approaching one million.
Senate Republicans held a news conference on Wednesday after meeting with Judge Amy Coney Barrett.
During her opening statement at the Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Amy Coney Barrett shared her appreciation for those who have come before her. Barrett called Sandra Day O'Connor a "model of grace and dignity" and said no one will ever take the place of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
When asked by reporters on whether Amy Coney Barrett's faith should be considered during her ongoing hearings, Joe Biden responds saying he doesn't think there are "any questions about her faith." Biden notes that the Supreme Court nominee wants to get rid of the Affordable Care Act and to "keep our eye on the ball."

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