MSNBC 13 Aug 2019

Pro-Democracy Activist: Hong Kong 'Transformed Into A Police State'


Activist Joshua Wong tells MSNBC that riot police are indiscriminately firing tear gas at "ordinary" citizens, journalists, first aides and protesters. He says the main goal is to stop police brutality and that the citizens of Hong Kong want to elect their own government.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters marched through Hong Kong on Sunday to voice their opposition to government-sponsored legislation that would allow people to be extradited to mainland China to face charges. But this peaceful protest turned violent early Monday when several hundred protesters stormed Hong Kong's parliament and clashed with police. BBC News reporter Martin Yip reports for CBSN.
Drone footage shows mass protests in the streets of Hong Kong over a controversial extradition bill as protesters call for Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam to resign. Beijing says Lam still has their full support. CNN's Kristie Lu Stout reports.
Joshua Wong, who became the face of the 2014 "Umbrella Movement" as a teenager, has been freed from a Hong Kong jail a day after a mass rally against an unpopular extradition law.
Wong, now 22, was the student activist at the heart of the 2014 pro-democracy demonstrations.
He was sent back to jail last month after losing an appeal to quash a sentence for his involvement in the so-called Umbrella Movement.
He says he will be joining the latest protests soon.

Al Jazeera's Sarah Clarke reports from Hong Kong.
Angry protesters once again stormed the political heart of Hong Kong on Friday. In a series of rolling occupations, they forced the hurried evacuation of multiple government offices and shuttering of law courts. They also besieged police headquarters.

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