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Fox News 10 Jan 2020

Preview: Trump reveals to Ingraham details of Iranian terror general's plot


President Trump told Fox News' Laura Ingraham in an exclusive interview that the imminent threat from Iran that provoked the United States to kill Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani involved planned attacks on four U.S. embassies. #FoxNews

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Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow remark on the awkward reluctance of Donald Trump's lawyers to answer when Donald Trump ordered the hold on aid to Ukraine and when he called off the hold. Aired on 01/29/20.
The Pentagon's top policy official John Rood resigned at the request of President Donald Trump, according to a copy of his resignation letter obtained by CNN.
NBC News' Andrea Mitchell and Kristen Welker review President Trump's statement on an Iranian missile attack on U.S. military bases in Iraq.
Rachel Maddow reads an excerpt from "A Very Stable Genius" by Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig, in which Donald Trump, apparently not understand how laws are passed in the United States, tries to push his staff to undo the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Aired on 01/20/20.

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Don't the American people have a right to know what specifically
was targeted without revealing methods and sources well I
don't think so but we will tell you that probably it was going
to be the embassy in Baghdad today city a large scale
attacks planned for other embassies and if those were
planned why can't we reveal that to the American people
wouldn't that help your case I can reveal that I
believe it would have been for.

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