The White House

The White House 22 May 2020

President Trump Tours Ford's Ventilator Factory


President Trump Tours Ford's Ventilator Factory

President Trump made an appearance at an event outside of Washington D.C. for the first time in months when he visited a Honeywell factory in Arizona that produces N95 protective masks. Despite signs in the factory indicating that it was mandatory to wear masks on the factory floor, neither Trump nor his 20 person entourage wore masks. Later, Trump got on Twitter to hand out congratulations and insults to a variety of late night talk show hosts. Jimmy Kimmel offered a revised tweet for the President.
President Trump toured a Honeywell factory in Phoenix, Ariz., that has shifted to producing face masks. The president did not wear a mask, but was told by the factory that White House personnel were not required to wear one.
Medical professionals share how the fight against coronavirus has changed since the first cases were discovered, and President Trump pays a visit to a factory in Arizona.
Democrats are accusing President Trump of not doing enough to contain the coronavirus, while opposing his efforts to do so all along. One America's Kristian Rouz explains.

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