C-SPAN 15 Nov 2019

President Trump on Impeachment Hearing


At the conclusion of a White House event on healthcare transparency, President Trump answers question on the ongoing House Intelligence Committee Impeachment Inquiry hearing.

President Trump: "I don't like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong. Nor do I like people who say 'I pray for you' when they know that that's not so. So many people have been hurt and we can't let that go on."
With 225,000 jobs added in January and wages rising fastest among low-income workers, the economy is booming under President Trump. One America's Jenn Pellegrino has more on the administration's 'opportunity zones,' which have largely contributed to the U.S. economy.
President Trump on Roger Stone: "Roger has a very good chance of exoneration in my opinion."
Q: "Some Republicans have said they hoped you would learn a lesson from impeachment. What lesson did you learn from impeachment?"

President Trump: "That the democrats are crooked…they're vicious, that they shouldn't have brought impeachment and that my poll numbers are 10 points higher."

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