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ABC News 19 Nov 2020

Precautions that will ensure a safe Thanksgiving amid the pandemic


How to stay safe and avoid "superspreader events" this Thanksgiving as more promising news emerges on COVID-19 vaccines.

Chris Hayes, Dr. Dara Kass, and Dr. Syra Madad discuss how to safely celebrate Thanksgiving amid the raging pandemic—and that may require rethinking your plans or starting your quarantine now. Aired on 11/11/2020.
Can the cheese dish be shared safely amid the COVID-19 crisis? That's the question bubbling in Switzerland at the moment.
A safe Thanksgiving during a pandemic is possible, but health experts know their advice is as tough to swallow as dry turkey: Stay home. Don't travel. If you must gather, do it outdoors. (Nov. 10)
THE CDC says Americans should stay put this holiday season and only only celebrate with people in their own households. But AAA expects up 50 million people to travel for Thanksgiving. While overall numbers are still high, airlines are taking a hit. Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants, joined CBSN's Lana Zak to discuss how to travel safely this year.

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